Jack Walters

Coordinator for MBA / Professor of Management

Jack Walters

Ph.D., University of Texas, Austin
M.S., University of South Florida
B.S., University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Walters teaches general, strategic, operations, human resource, and international management, entrepreneurship, and organizational behavior, and is the Coordinator of the University’s MBA program. His research interests focus on human resource strategy, professional ethics, and technology adoption processes. He published a book on Positive Management in 2010 and is currently working on a book about international trade policy and its impact on human resource management strategy. In his spare time, Jack writes fiction and is the author of Toyland, a novel that was published in the fall of 2015. A second novel, entitled Dak State U., is underway. He also stays busy with the perpetual renovation of his and wife Sirje Kiin’s home in Madison and, in the summer, plays golf.

College of Business and Information Systems
Office Location
East Hall