Mark Geary

Associate Professor of Education

Mark Geary

Ed.D. Instructional Technology, University of Central Florida
M.A. Education, University of Central Florida
B.A., University of Central Florida

Dr. Geary has over 30 hrs of additional graduate coursework in Literacy and Administration. He has over 25 years as a teacher, administrator and professor, including 10 years as a K-12 classroom teacher. His research focuses on Educational Technology, Sequential Art applied to education and the impact of Common Core initiatives in schools. He has worked with both public and private educational institutions on effective ways to implement technology and improve literacy.​

Students wishing to engage in any of the following are encouraged to contact him:

  • Creating a Gamified Mars Learning Lab
  • Enhancing literacy in high school and college athletes through the use of sports oriented academic vocabulary
  • Testing effectiveness of speed reading apps  in improving fluency
College of Education
Office Location
Kennedy Center