Proficiency Testing

All students seeking a degree from DSU or another South Dakota regental institution are required to take and pass the Proficiency Examination, the ACT CAAP. The examinations are administered each November and March. DSU students also complete one online exam.

ACT Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency (CAAP)

The proficiency tests, produced by ACT, consist of four separate multiple choice exams in reading, writing, math and science reasoning. Each exam is 40 minutes long and is designed to test general education skills acquired during the first two years of college.

Information Literacy

DSU students complete a locally-developed multiple choice exam covering topics related to information literacy.

The exam is completed during one of the general education courses.

Information Technology (online exam)

DSU students will complete a locally-developed, multiple-choice exam to demonstrate knowledge of the general education curriculum related to information technology skills. The exam will cover computer applications, programming and computer concepts.

The exam is completed during one of the general education courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Proficiency Testing at a Distance

Distance education students residing out of state will complete the Proctor section of the Registration form.  Once the proctor information has been received and verified by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment, the test materials will be sent to your proctor.


Minimum Proficiency Scores

Assessment Test Schedule

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Proficiency Guidelines

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