Academic Year 2012-2013

Intent to Plan

Doctorate of Science in Cyber Security

New Site Request

BBA Accounting (BOR Approved 6-13)
BS in Professional Accounting (BOR Approved 6-13)
Master of Business Administration

Minor Course Modifications

CIS 328 Operating EnvironmentS (prerequisite)
CIS 340 Advanced Java Programming (title, course description)
CIS 388 Computer Forensics Fundamentals (prerequisite, course description)
CIS 418 Advanced Computer Forensics (course description)
CIS 432 Defense and Forensic Countermeasures (number, title, course description)
CIS 484 Database Management Systems (prerequisite)
CSC 432 Operating System Security (title, prerequisite and course description)
CSC 438 Defensive Network Security (prerequisite)
ELED/SPED 454 Guided Reading (title and course description)
ENGL 245 Literature for Young Adults (course description)
ENGL 309 Computer-Supported Collaborative Writing (course title and description)
HIM 360 Management of health Information Center I
HIM 485 Health Record Admin Supervised Professional Practice (course description)
HIMS 744/INFS 744 Healthcare Information Analysis
HIMS 747 Business of Health Informatics
INFA 532 System and Network Security (number, title and course description)
INFA 534 Ethical Hacking (number, title and course description)
MCOM 161 Fundamentals of Desktop Publishing (prerequisites)
MCOM 409 Information Architecture (course description)
MUAP 152 Applied Music (credit hours, prerequisite and course description)
SEED 302 Secondary/Middle Content Area: Major (co-requisite)
SEED 303 Secondary/Middle Content Area: Minor (course description and co-requisite)

General Education Changes

General Education Changes (GEOG 132/132L) BOR Approved 12-12
General Education Changes (A&S 121/121L)

Revised Course Request – Common

CSC 705 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
CSC 710 Structure & Design of Programming Languages
CSC 720 Theory of Computation
SPAN 291 Independent Study

Authority to Offer an Existing Common Course

ANTH 210 Cultural Anthropology
ARTD 292 Topics
BADM 101 Survey of Business
CSC 533 Computer Graphics
CSC 547 Artificial Intelligence
CSC 791 Independent Study
CSC 792 Topics
CSC 798 Thesis
MATH 092L College Algebra Laboratory
MATH 093 ALgebra for Quantitative Literacy
MUAP 102 Class Instruction - Voice

New Course Requests (Unique)

CIS 363 Hardware, Virtulaization and Data Communication
CIS 476 Web Development Environments
CSC 451 Mobile Development Environments:
CSC 586 Data Mining
CSC 712 Data Structures
CSC 714 Database Systems
CSC 716 Secure Software Engineering
CSC 718 Operating Systems & Parallel Programming
CSC 744 Software Development Leadership
ENGL 386 New Media: Genre
GAME 360 Narrative Design
GAME 363 Game Genres:
GAME 370 Game Mechanics:
GAME 375 Level Design I
GAME 475 Level Design II
HON 102 Introduction to Honors: Popular Culture
INFA 736 Offensive Network Security
INFS 768 Predictive Analytics for Decision Making
INFS 770 Advanced Data Mining Applications
MUEN 106 Singer/Songwriter Studio

New Programs

Information Systems - Business Analytics Certificate
Web Development Minor
English for New Media Minor
Production Animation - 2D Minor
Production Animation - 3D Minor

Termination of Programs

Minor in French
Minor in Mathematics-Business

Program Modifications

D.Sc. in Information Systems, Healthcare Information Systems Specialization
BS in English for New Media
BS in Professional and Technical Communications
BS in Computer and Network Security
BS in Network and Systems Administration
Bachelors of Business Administration (Core)
BS in Information Systems
Digital Arts and Design, Web Design and Production Specialization
Minor in Electronic Commerce
Minor in Computer Forensics
Minor in Speech Communication/Theatre
BSED Business Education
BSED Computer Education
Minor in Reading (PreK-12)
MS in Information Assurance
Physical Education Minor/K-12 Endorsement Program

Honors Program

Program outline

Last Updated: 6/26/13