Computer Game Design (BS)

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If you're a gamer or a designer interested in 3D design and simulation, DSU will teach you how to do it. You'll learn the fundamental skills for video game design, development, and production. Come build a better game at DSU. DSU’s computer game design major is offered on campus in state of the art learning spaces.

Benefits of studying computer game design at DSU

This degree combines a number of different disciplines. Your core courses are diverse. They'll include writing, design, software development, calculus, physics, and more. With your electives, you can focus on a topic of your choice such as narrative design, software design, and technical art.

Video games are a major industry that continues to expand. But you don't have to work on games. You'll also develop skills for interactive software and digital media. With your degree, you'll be prepared to work in related fields like interaction design and software development. With this degree, you can be flexible.

Outside the classroom, there are a number of student clubs and activities to join, like Computer Club and Gaming Club. Scholarships and grants are also available for computer game design majors.

Integrated technology

DSU's game design students integrate game mechanics, narrative, aesthetics and technology to craft interesting and effective player experiences. Narrative, integrated game design at DSU is one of the strongest programs in the nation.

Possible job titles

Job titles and duties vary by genre and company organization and jobs change rapidly as new technology emerges.

Next steps

See what classes you’ll be taking with our plan of study.

Schedule a campus visit to meet computer game design professors and students in the department and see the campus.

You can always contact us with any questions—or just to talk about what is possible.