System-wide General Education Requirements: Science

GOAL 6: Natural Sciences 6 credits

Students will understand the fundamental principles of the natural sciences and apply scientific methods of inquiry to investigate the natural world.

Student Learning Outcomes: As a result of taking courses meeting this goal, students will:

  1. Demonstrate the scientific method in a laboratory experience.
  2. Gather and critically evaluate data using the scientific method.
  3. Identify and explain the basic concepts, terminology and theories of the selected natural sciences.
  4. Apply selected natural science concepts and theories to contemporary issues.
General Education Requirements  
Natural Sciences 6
Select 6 credits from the following: 6
BIOL 101 Biology Survey I/Lab 3
BIOL 103 Biology Survey II/Lab 3
BIOL 151 General Biology I/Lab 4
BIOL 165 General Zoology/Lab 4
BIOL 201 General Botany/Lab 4
CHEM 106 Chemistry Survey 4
CHEM 108 Organic and Biochemistry 5
CHEM 112 General Chemistry I/Lab 4
CHEM 114 General Chemistry II/Lab 4
PHYS 111 Introduction to Physics I/Lab 4
PHYS 113 Introduction to Physics II/Lab 4
PHYS 211 University Physics I/Lab 4
PHYS 213 University Physics II/Lab 4
Last Updated: 6/7/12