Dr. Rick Christoph

Professor of Business and Computer Information Systems

Dr. Rick Christoph, professor of Business and Computer Information Systems at Dakota State University, believes strongly in the ability to write in a clear and precise manner. In his classroom, Dr. Christoph stresses writing with both content and context on your mind. While content is what you want to convey in your paper, the context side of writing deals with appropriate grammar and spelling. When a student combines these two aspects correctly in their writing, the outcome is clear and effective.

Having an extensive educational background, Dr. Christoph has the experience necessary to give expertise in the field of business writing. He graduated from Clemson University with a Recreation and Park Administration degree, Master of Arts in Economics, and his Doctorate in Industrial Management. In his opinion, graduate school is where he really learned to strong writing and research skills.

Dr. Christoph teaches a variety of classes at Dakota State University, however two classes focus strictly on a business style of writing. The first class is BADM 482 Business Strategy, which consists of writing a fifty page manual in a formal strategic style and numerous individual case studies ranging between three and four pages in length. The second class is INFS 780 Info Planning and Strategy, an electronic based class, which never meets in the classroom; therefore writing is the only way of communicating for class and in assignments.

Pertaining to students documenting their research in writing, Dr. Christoph doesn't necessarily prefer a specific writing format, such as APA or MLA, but rather insists on writing with a consistent style. He requires writing to be done in a clear proposal style that does not include jargon associated with the business world. Dr. Christoph reiterates his preferences by stating, "Communicate technical terms like you would explain them to your mother." Other writing requirements include: 1) providing actual examples, 2) be very detail orientated, 3) write to a conclusion, by not making random statements, and 4) write with excellent context not volume. Research for his writing assignments can be done with the use of the Wall Street Journal, high end research publications, such as the Harvard Business Press, and the Edgar database.

Clear and consistent business writing is important within Dr. Christoph's classroom. If you want to succeed in his classroom and in the future, students will learn to be effective in the content and context areas of writing. His teaching methods and the experience he has gained through his educational background will aid students in becoming stronger and more effective writers.

Last Updated: 7/31/12