Bruce Johnson

Teaches Accounting 210, 211, 310, 311, 320, 360, 450, 470 Credentials: Major - Accounting / Minors - Finance and Quantitative Analysis (statistics)

Dr. Bruce Johnson is known on the DSU campus for his intelligence in Accounting. He feels that students aren't required to write extensively in his classes, except for in perhaps ACCT 360 and ACCT 450, however he wouldn't call the writing in these in these courses extensive either. "Accounting is quite quantitative, but most of the writing is done in auditory and similar courses, and much of the writing invokes the use of technical terms," states Mr. Johnson.

When doing research in the Business / Accounting field, Johnson recommends the Edgar database (SEC) available online. He says there are also several other financial databases over in the Mundt Library. These databases include Standard, Poor, and Value Line. Some specific books that can be acquired include the Journal of Accountancy, Journal of Accounting Research, and Accounting Review.

If you think that Mr. Johnson can help you in your writing, he wishes to be contacted via school email.

Last Updated: 7/31/12