Interview with Dr. Tim Fiegen

Technology in Special Education, Behavior Disorders, and Classroom Management Methods

Dr. Fiegen's office is filled with pictures of him and his family. In one picture, he is seen wearing a Kirby Puckett jersey. "I was in Vancouver a few years back, walking by the Grizzlies' arena," Dr. Fiegen recalls. "I see a guy scalping tickets on the street. He wants sixty bucks for 'em. I offer him thirty. He says 'no way.' I start to walk away when he grabs me by the arm and accepts my offer."

Dr. Fiegen has enough great sports stories that he could write an interesting book. Dr. Tim Fiegen did, in fact, once write a book as part of his graduate studies at the University of South Dakota. "It's not a good book to read," he jokes as he flips through the hundreds of pages. "It's just facts and charts. You could get all the information you'd need from it in twenty seconds."

He reports that his field's demands regarding writing are not as stringent as other fields. "[Education] is not critical of writing," he says. Of course, that only applies to the undergraduate-level students. "It's ten times more intensive at the graduate level. You write for everything, usually ten or more pages per assignment."

Dr. Fiegen's recommends the journal Learning Disabilities Quarterly. He does insist that writing, when it happens in his courses, be cited in APA format.

Last Updated: 7/31/12