Interview with Dr. Mark Hawkes

Courses Taught: Education Psychology, Education Measurements, EDER 415 Educational Assessments, various graduate Courses.

Dr. Hawkes is an amazing teacher; he has the ability to teach at many levels and has a spunk that many college professors do not possess. He can make an ordinary classroom lecture into a lesson that sticks in your mind forever. He is a very bright educator who cares immensely about his profession. Not only is he a leader in the classroom but he has also been a huge fan of Dakota State basketball and all DSU Athletics.

Dr. Hawkes states that work loads in his classes depend greatly upon the level of the class. In his undergraduate courses there are about fifteen pages of accumulated work that is to be done throughout the semester. In his graduate courses, there may be from thirty to fifty pages of writing, all done in APA format. Two of the major writing projects for education majors are their philosophy papers and their portfolios. Because Dr. Hawkes teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses, he sees some major differences in the students' writing skills. Writing skills he values include quality, cohesiveness, research support, and documentation of resources.

Not only does Dr. Hawkes teach numerous education courses but he also has three articles published in peer reviewed journals. Whether Dr. Hawkes is preparing for class preparation or doing his own research, he often uses the Karl Mundt Library and the Karl Mundt Library internet databases, and finds the ERIC Database (an education database) the most useful to him. Dr. Hawkes recommends that students reference the K-8 Educator Journal and the Technology Horizons and Educations Journal when doing research for education courses.

Last Updated: 7/31/12