Interview with Dr. Tom Hawley

As I walked into the office of Dr. Hawley, he smiles and says "What can I do for you Shawn". Dr. Hawley teaches Educational Psychology along with being the Dean of the College of Education.

I asked Dr. Hawley if he had a lot of writing in his classes. He said, "There is already quiet a bit of writing, but there is going to be more in his Educational Psychology class." He added, "I prefer that all of my papers be written in the APA format." He also likes for students to research what they are writing about and apply it to teaching or field experiences that the student might have.

Then we got into a discussion about if there were any publications that might help students out in his class. Dr. Hawley said, "The journal of Educational Psychology is an excellent journal to get research from." He recommended that students use the library database to do a lot of the research they will need.

Dr. Hawley feels that the biggest difference between a undergraduate student and a graduate student is that the undergraduate student has a harder time applying research to the real world and their experiences that they might have had in field studies. He feels that graduate students do a better job of relating life experiences to their papers and what they research.

I talk to Dr. Hawley about the technology here at the college and if it was necessary for the college of education to have it and he said, "It is a huge part in the College of Education, because all K-12 teachers receive a Educational Technology Endorsement with there degree. To receive this they have to take 12 hours of computer classes, a methods course, and a class on how to teach it."

As I get up to walk out after the interview is over Dr. Hawley looks at me and says, "If I can be any more help just let me know".

Last Updated: 7/31/12