Barb Hegg

Courses Taught: Applied Voice, Applied Piano

As a music teacher, the extent of writing and research in Barbara Hegg's classes is limited in her Vocal Pedagogy and Conducting. Nonetheless, Mrs. Hegg understands that good communication skills have been essential to getting her where she is today, and are paramount to the success of her students as well.

"When you get a portfolio or résumé ready for a job interview, the grammar and spelling better be correct or you can forget about the job," said Mrs. Hegg.

Grammar and spelling is one area Mrs. Hegg sees room for improvement for her students. "[R]eading e-mails from students here at DSU, I'm really surprised by the number of grammatical and spelling errors . . . I think the computer has made it too easy for us."

Mrs. Hegg encourages her students to become familiar with the professional publications in her area, even listing certain resources on her syllabi. "There are so many journals that have important information about specific majors. In the music field, I have shelves full of magazines . . . They are always available for students to read and find out more about a particular subject," said Mrs. Hegg.

Last Updated: 7/31/12