Writing Faculty

Dr. Stacey Berry
Email: stacey.berry@dsu.edu
Phone: 605-256-5276
Office Location: Beadle Hall
About: Dr. Stacey Berry's research areas include digital humanities, specializing in text editing and analysis, and post-1945 American fiction, especially violence in the novel. She has worked as an editor for such digital research collections as The Walt Whitman Archive and Civil War Washington. She is currently working on a book manuscript investigating the consolations of violence in literature. Visit her homepage.

Dr. Justin Blessinger
Email: justin.blessinger@dsu.edu
Phone: 605-256-7306
Office Location: Beadle Hall
About: Dr. Justin L. Blessinger took his bachelor’s degrees at Tabor College, MA at Emporia State University, and his PhD at the University of South Dakota. His creative work draws upon the strange tension between the remoteness and ferocity of ranch life and the temptations and challenges of life in the rough-and-tumble reservation town of Wolf Point. Winner of the 2008 Doug Fir prize for fiction, he publishes both fiction and poetry, and his work has recently appeared The Bear Deluxe Magazine, South Dakota Review, New Tricks, and in an anthology of writers of Generation X, In Our Own Words. Visit his homepage.

Dr. Shreelina Ghosh
Email: shreelina.ghosh@dsu.edu
Phone: 605-256-5269
Office Location: Beadle Hall
About: Dr. Shreelina Ghosh earned her PhD from Michigan State University. Her research interests center at the intersections of cultural and digital rhetorics, and performance. She has published her qualitative research in a number of scholarly journals including Computers and Composition, Journal of Popular Culture and a book chapter in Texts of Consequence. Her current research examines the use of technology as a tool of practicing and teaching performative cultural memory. She is an Indian classical dance performer. Visit her homepage.

Ms. Deana Hueners-Nelson
Email: deana.hueners@dsu.edu
Phone: 605-256-5809
Office Location: Beadle Hall
About: For the past 10 years, Deana Hueners-Nelson has been teaching a variety of courses at DSU, including writing courses, literature courses, web publishing courses, and reading and study skills courses. She is originally from South Dakota and currently lives in Madison with her husband, who also is an English professor at DSU. During the semester, course work and committee meetings keep her pretty busy, but in her spare time, she enjoys running, gardening, cooking, and entertaining friends. She lives in a 109 year-old Victorian house, so they usually have a home or yard remodeling project in the works. Visit her homepage.

Dr. Maureen Murphy
Email: maureen.murphy@dsu.edu
Phone: 605-256-5679
Office Location: Beadle Hall
About: Dr. Murphy states that composition classes at DSU go beyond what students may have learned in high school. The knowledge and skills they learn in the composition courses at DSU focus on the kinds and styles of writing that will be required of them in their future university-level courses and also in their future careers. Visit her homepage.

Dr. John Nelson
Email: john.nelson@dsu.edu
Phone: 605-256-5273
Office Location: Beadle Hall
About: John Nelson has been teaching and working with computers since 1982, especially with emerging technologies since joining the faculty at DSU, where every program—including English--is infused with technology.  He has edited a four-volume textbook series in business English for Chinese students.  His other research interests include digital games, especially their depiction of Native Americans.  He teaches American literature and courses fusing English and new media.Visit his homepage.

D. Scott Richardson
Email: scott.richardson@dsu.edu
Phone: 605-256-5861
Office Location: Beadle Hall
Visit his homepage.

Kaustav Mukherjee
Email: kaustav.mukherjee@dsu.edu
Phone: 605-256-5269
Office Location: Beadle Hall

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