Imagine the Digital Possibilities

Experience education on the digital edge at DSU. We use technology to deliver a clearly superior academic environment, leveraging technology to make the classroom more exciting and interactive. Learning is our number-one priority.

That's why we provide full-time, incoming, traditional freshmen with a new university-owned Fujitsu Tablet PC in the fall.1 It's part of the Wireless Mobile Computing Initiative (WMCI) which started in 2004. Yes, you will pay a program fee to participate in the WMCI Program, but that helps cover the cost of the Tablet PC, software licenses, secure campus network and on-campus tech support.

See the video below on a similar Fujitsu Tablet PC.


You get:

  • A Tablet PC configured specifically for DSU academic programs and featuring a built-in webcam
  • Licensed software already installed on your Tablet PC
  • Ubiquitous access to secure wireless and wired networks across campus
  • Warranty protection, replacement batteries, and on-campus Help Desk and repairs2
  • Faculty that incorporate the use of the Tablet PC into their courses — beyond just web browsing
  • A green-friendly, mostly paperless classroom environment

You can:

  • Take notes in digital handwriting — right on the professor's digital presentation
  • Receive and submit assignments electronically
  • Access handouts and supplementary web materials online
  • Record audio during a lecture and synch quotes up with the digital notes you're taking
  • Easily organize and access your digital notes and back them up on a Flash drive
  • Have more productive study sessions with your Tablet acting like a digital binder keeping all your notes — written, audio and visual — saved in one location
  • Collaborate with fellow students through a secure, campus-wide wireless network
  • Video chat with teachers during virtual office hours
  • Make better use of downtime, accessing personal media like music, videos and photos

Emily Sperry, a DSU junior majoring in Digital Arts and Design, did a video review of the Tablet PC. Check it out. Then visit campus and try one out for yourself!


At DSU technology is ubiquitous; it's integrated into every facet of the University. The most incredible thing about this is that DSU faculty, staff and students live inside the technology and actually incorporate technology into their everyday life. Technology at DSU is not a buzzword, it's part of who we are.

– Dr. Patrick Engebretson, Assistant Professor of Computer Security

Having Tablets in the classroom is like having a mobile technology room. The Tablets enhance our education because they enable us to digitally draw pictures on the computer, helping us to be more creative with our homework.

– Josh Thomas, Brookings, SD, Elementary Education Major, Junior

The professors at DSU really want to see us succeed and reach our future goals. Technology improves the way classes are taught and gives us better access to information.

– Wanda Behrens, Parker, SD, Business Management, Senior


1. All other students (incoming freshman in the spring, transfer students, returning students, continuing students) are provided a refurbished Tablet PC from existing stock.)

2. Students are responsible for the cost of repairs for damage linked to careless or negligent use or loss. Students are responsible for the replacement of the Tablet PC if it is lost or stolen. DSU recommends the student/parent check with their homeowner/renter insurance policy for coverage in the event the Tablet is lost or stolen.

Last Updated: 4/12/13