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The DAD Summer Camp offers these 6 courses to choose from. You will be able to sign up for 2 courses.

Animation Revolution!

An Introduction to 3D Animation Sign up for 3D Animation Revolution and you’ll render and produce your own 3D Animation project. Taught by DSU digital arts professor, Dr. Scott Mackenzie, this basic 3D Animation course will teach you concepts and processes such as modeling, texturing, lighting, camera manipulation and keyframing. Don’t miss your chance to get started in the fastest growing creative technology in the world!

Show Me A Story!

An Introduction to Digital Storytelling Sign up for Show me a Story and you’ll learn the basics of digital storytelling. Taught by DSU digital arts professor, Dr. Robert Jackson, you’ll create your own story, gather images and audio that help tell the story, and put them all together in a movie developed and created by you. You’ll improve your creative writing skills, master some awesome software programs and learn how visual images, words and sounds work together to create digital stories.

Picture This!

An Introduction to Digital Photography Who needs darkrooms and developing fluid? Sign up for Picture This and DSU digital arts professor and professional photographer, Thomas Jones, will show you the basics of digital photography. Working in the studio and outdoors, you’ll learn how digital photography works, basic composition and editing concepts, and how to enhance and organize your images with Photoshop. *You have to bring your own digital camera with a removable memory card for this class.

Audacious Audio!

An Introduction to Digital Audio Production Sign up for Audacious Audio and you’ll learn how audio specialists skillfully add order, sparkle, clarity, balance and depth to an artist’s creation, while controlling intensely cool software, consoles, microphones, and processors. Taught by DSU Digital Arts professor and musician, Dan Mortenson, you’ll produce audacious sound projects in DSU’s new sound studio.

Caught in the Web!

An Introduction to Web Design We use them every day, but how do you put one together? How do you make it work most effectively for you? Sign up for Caught in the Web and DSU Digital Arts professor and graphic artist, Linn Nelson, will show you how the best websites are structured to help keep information and traffic flowing, and how design can make or break a webpage. Best of all, you’ll create your own webpage and learn exciting software and design techniques.

Graphic Traffic!

An Introduction to Computer Graphic Design Sign up for Graphic Traffic and let DSU Digital Arts professor and graphic designer, Brad Hesser, maneuver you through the graphics highway of pen tools, paint brushes, special effects, thumbnails, and “traffic stopping” graphic design programs. You’ll want to publish your final projects on the internet or mount them for display.

Contact Dr. Susan Conover with questions or for more information.

Last Updated: 1/10/12