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Candidate Expense Regulations

Reimbursement expenses are for professional positions as defined by the University.

The candidate MUST pay for their own expenses and then be reimbursed by the university. The candidate is reimbursed at in-state rates only. They are subject to the same travel rules as state employees. Itemized rules are listed below. If you have any questions, please contact the Business Office.

Meals Allowance When Leaving Before When Returning After
Breakfast 5:31 am 7:59 am
Lunch 11:31 am 12:59 pm
Dinner 5:31 pm 7:59 pm


Meal Allowance Lodging
Breakfast 5.00 50.00 + tax only Lodging rates are set by the Board of Finance,
the actual cost of lodging up to a maximum of
$50.00 plus tax a day. Board of Finance rules
do not provide exceptions for tourist season,
only state rates are reimbursable.

If actual cost of lodging is less than the state rate,
only that actual cost will be allowed.
Lunch 9.00 (As of 7/1/12)
Dinner 12.00  
Total 26.00  

All lodging receipts must carry dates of lodging and name of individual. The receipt must also be stamped paid or have a zero balance. On the travel detail put O/C (only claiming) if you are not claiming full amount.

Mileage Allowance
Candidates are allowed to claim 37 cents per mile because they do not have access to a state vehicle and they are not state employees. The candidate will need to provide you with odometer readings and their vehicle license number.

Airline Ticket
Arrangements must be made by the candidate. Airline tickets cannot be charged to the University, the candidate must pay for the ticket and claim reimbursement on a travel direct pay voucher. Attach to the direct pay voucher everything you have left of your airline ticket. Proof of payment is also required for candidate reimbursement.

Airport Parking
If the parking charge is over $1.00 then a receipt is required.

Taxi or Limo
If the charge is over $5.00 a receipt is required. If the taxi driver does not furnish a receipt, have them sign a receipt you prepare yourself or carry a small inexpensive receipt book if you expect your taxi fares will be more than $5.00. The $5.00 is also for the round trip - not just a fare one way. Tips are not an allowable expense

Personal Phone Calls
Calls made by traveler appearing on the lodging receipt will be deducted from the total of the receipt.


  • Keep all receipts, except food and attach them to your travel voucher.
  • List your license number, odometer readings, time of departure and return.
  • If you do not have a receipt for something then you will not get reimbursed for it.

The account code to use for candidate travel is 733130 Non-Employee Travel.

Last Updated: 3/26/14