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Is HR/FIS working for you? What can we do to help? We need your input to make the system the best it can be for all users. This webpage has a link to a form that can be used to relay unresolved concerns, issues, or incidents about the HR/FIS Banner system. This form should not be used to replace the local process for reporting and trouble-shooting regular, routine problems or issues. We also welcome your comments about what you like about HR/FIS and what is working well.

The HR/FIS project started in 2005 with implementation of the Finance system on July 1, 2006 and Human Resources in April of 2007.

Mission Statement for the Human Resource and Finance Information System Project

β€œTo create an efficient human resources, payroll, and finance operating environment for the South Dakota Regional System by implementing an integrated database, sharing services where efficiencies can be realized for the system as a whole, utilizing new software that will further enable the adoption of common business practices, providing new and enhanced services as referenced in Opportunities for South Dakota, and implementing an integrated suite of software to better achieve economies of scale.”

Adoption and implementation of the SunGard Banner system and partner products was a major undertaking that replaced some legacy systems that had been around for over two decades. The major driver was to replace the finance system software version (Financial Information System) which was no longer going to be supported by SunGard and to provide a human resource system with customer self-service, applicant tracking and an employee job description module.

The project included significant changes to business practices across the BOR system with shared services being implemented in payroll, accounts payable and purchasing. The major components of the system have been implemented yet everyone recognizes there is still work to do and additional functionality that is needed to make the system more user-friendly.

We are interested in your input about the project or any specific concerns or issues you may have with the system, workflow, training or support in general. The attached form can be used to document concerns or issues about the HR/FIS Banner system and the operations of the related areas including Finance, Budget, Purchasing, Accounting, Research Accounting and Human Resources/Payroll. We would like to hear what is working, what is not, what you need for support, details of a specific incident, if you have run into problems that have not been resolved, or whatever you have on your mind. It is our goal to make this project and all aspects a success and in the end provide a system and service that fulfills the needs of the users. We will respond to all inquiries or incident reports and utilize the information at the campus and system level to identify weaknesses, necessary changes and improvements. We also welcome your input on what you like about the new system.

We have also identified a campus contact to assist you with on-going concerns. Feel free to contact Stacy Krusemark at 5127 for assistance with this or other HR/FIS Banner issues.

Last Updated: 2/15/12