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Moving Reimbursement Guidelines

Last revised Aug 2009; Source - SD Administrative Rules, Article 5:01:07

State Approval Required

In order to receive reimbursement for moving expenses, a new hire must complete the Household Moving Allowance Application provided by DSU and return it, along with the appointment contract, to the Office of the President. The application is forwarded to the State Board of Finance for consideration. The Board of Finance meets on the third Tuesday of each month.

Cost Allowances

The State limits the reimbursement rate to no more than one month's salary. However, departments may set a lower amount of reimbursement. The maximum amount of reimbursement allowed will be stated in the employment offer.

Time Frame for Reimbursement

It is DSU's policy that reimbursement for moves of new hires must occur within nine months of the initial employment date, unless approved in advance by the President. For example, a faculty member is offered a contract dated May 1, 2007, (FY07) but employment begins August 15, 2007 (FY08). In this case, the move must be completed by May 15, 2008, and all moving receipts must be submitted in time to allow processing prior to the end of fiscal year 08, or by June 30, 2008. The Business Office may grant extensions if circumstances preclude the timely submission. For example, an extension would be granted if household goods are damaged in transit, and payment to the carrier is withheld pending an agreement for damages.

When an employee leaves the employ of the state within six months of the initial contract date, the employee shall repay the state the cost of the move paid by the state unless the employee was unable to continue due to illness or injury, or was dismissed.


No reimbursement can occur without valid detailed receipts for all expenditures!

Allowable Household Moving Expenses

Reimbursement of allowable household moving expenses for state employees and for newly hired professional employees applies only to expenses for moving household furnishings, appliances, and personal effects of the individual and the individual's family. Allowable moving expenses include the following:

  1. packing containers, packing, and unpacking;
  2. extra pickup or delivery;
  3. labor charges;
  4. auxiliary service necessary for pickup;
  5. service bulky articles, loading and unloading charges;
  6. piano or organ carry charges;
  7. waiting time, not the fault of the carrier, per vehicle;
  8. empty mileage charge;
  9. elevator, stair, and excessive distance carry charge involved in pickup or delivery;
  10. overtime loading and unloading;
  11. reweighing charge;
  12. storage-in-transit and warehouse handling charges;
  13. valuation charges;
  14. service of household appliances or other articles requiring special servicing for safe transportation, carrier servicing of appliances or articles at origin, and carrier reservicing of appliances or articles at destination;
  15. papering and padding;
  16. wrapping or metal banding or both; and
  17. skirting, blocking, and other necessary expenses incurred in the transportation and relocation of a mobile home.

Private Carrier

If an employee chooses to move himself rather than hire a professional mover, the following guidelines should be kept in mind:

Packing supplies, including boxes, packing tape, etc. are allowable expenses, providing receipts are available.

Reimbursement for rent of u-haul trucks/trailers or similar vehicles is allowed, providing receipt is available.

Transportation costs are reimbursed through gas purchases only, not a mileage rate. (Receipts showing # gallons and cost/gallon are required.)

Labor costs can be reimbursed if the individuals assisting with the move sign a receipt indicating acceptance of payment. The receipt should include the amount of the actual expense incurred. (Immediate family members are not eligible for reimbursement.)

*An example of a private carrier is an employee who moves himself.

Expenses that are NOT Reimbursed

The following are not considered allowable household moving expenses:

Per diem costs (meals/lodging) are NOT permitted.

Reimbursement of airfare for the individual or family members is NOT permitted.

Special fees incurred for moving of pets will NOT be reimbursed.

Last Updated: 2/15/12