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Petty Cash Procedure

Reimbursement of expenditures for small bills and incidental expenses.

1. Purchases shall not exceed $50 and must be turned in for reimbursement within 60 days of the purchase. Multiple purchases made by any one individual exceeding $50 need to be processed with a direct pay invoice.

2. Examples of allowable expenses

  • Office supplies (emergency purchase or items at a lower cost than contract items)
  • Laboratory supplies
  • Educational and instructional supplies
  • Medical supplies
  • Buildings and grounds supplies
  • Machinery and equipment parts and accessories
  • Postage

3. Examples of items not allowed for reimbursement

  • Personal items such as plants, flowers, gifts, etc.
  • Generally food and drink although these may be paid from certain funds.
  • Office supplies (see purchasing policy for office supplies)

4. Reimbursement is for paid items only – no charge items allowed

5. Obtain itemized receipt

A. The receipt must list all items purchased, unit price and amount paid. It must show name and address of business or individual making the sale.

6. Reimbursement process

A. Petty cash reimbursements need to be completed within 60 days of the purchase.

B. Sign the original receipt and take it to the department office of the person with signature authority on the fund to be charged.

C. The person filling out the petty cash authorization form shall:

1. Determine if this is an approved purchase.

2. Complete the petty cash authorization form using a separate form for each index code or fund to be charged. Retain a copy for the office file. The line on the form “Used For” is to help determine the correct account to use or to justify unusual purchases. For example: cigarettes for science lab experiments.

3. Have the person with signature authority sign the petty cash form.

4. Present itemized receipt and petty cash form to the Cashier.

7. Posting charges to the fund.

A. The Cashier will prepare a direct pay invoice charging the proper fund and reimbursing the petty cash fund.

B. Duplicate copy of authorization form will be returned to the office in charge of each fund. Voucher number and date of payment will be noted.

Last Updated: 2/15/12