Contact the Business Office

DSU Business Office
820 N. Washington Ave.
Madison, SD 57042

Fax 605-256-5197

Located on 2nd floor Heston Hall

Telephone Information

Line Charges: $20.00/per month

Voicemail: $6.00/per month

Servicing Lines:

Physical Plant rate: $25.24/hr

Dakota2000 rate: $45.00/hr

Physical Plant will try to fix the line first but if they cannot fix it, they have Dakota2000 look at the line.

If there is trouble with a phone line and you have done the troubleshooting as noted below, the department office assistant should send an email to and include the following information. The business office will then submit a work order.

  • Phone number of the line that is having problems.
  • Building and room number where line is located.
  • Description of the problem.
  • Index the charges should be billed to.


If you are having trouble with your phone, before you submit a work order, first check to see if it could possibly be the phone or phone cord. Try plugging in a different phone and/or phone cord. If you find the problem is either phone or phone cord, they can be replaced/purchased without a work order charge. Check the state website when purchasing a new phone.

New Line set up:

Century Link charges: $95.00 to bring the line to the campus (can take up to eight working days). Physical Plant will then bring it to the office requested at the Physical Plant rate.

Email the Business Office at for a new line. The below information is needed.

  • What building and room number is the phone line needed in?
  • What index is to be billed?
  • Would you like voicemail?
  • What call pick up group do you want it to go into?
  • Do you want the line to roll to another number?

Call pick up group – This is the grouping so the phone number has the option being picked up by another phone (*68)

Rolling – When the phone rings after four rings it will roll to the next number in the group unless it has voicemail on the line.

Conference Calls:

Charges: $2/line + long distance if applicable

When requesting a conference call, please send an email with the following information to

  • Date
  • Start time
  • End time
  • Number of lines
  • Index to be charged
  • Where you will be holding the call/ and what number?
  • Will it be a MeetMe call? Or would you like the operator to connect you all?
    • (A MeetMe call is when the participants call in themselves. They will pay for any charges they incur.)

It will then be forwarded on to be set up. Please allow at least 2 business days, if at all possible, to set up a conference call. Once it has been set up the Business office will email you the information needed for the conference call.


Last Updated: 3/21/14