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Fawbush ,Donna Name: Donna Fawbush
Email: donna.fawbush@dsu.edu
Phone: 605-256-5666
Office Location: Dakota Prairie Playhouse
Position: Events Planning Coordinator
Department: Student Services
Fedeler,Melinda Name: Melinda Fedeler
Email: melinda.fedeler@dsu.edu
Phone: 605-256-5018
Office Location: Heston Hall
Position: Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Department: Financial Aid
Feistner,Bruce Name: Bruce Feistner
Email: bruce.feistner@dsu.edu
Phone: 605-256-5251
Office Location: Science Center
Position: Director of Respiratory Care
Department: College of Arts and Sciences, Respiratory Care
Fiegen,Timothy Name: Timothy Fiegen
Email: tim.fiegen@dsu.edu
Phone: 605-256-5160
Office Location: Kennedy Center
Position: Associate Professor
Department: College of Education
Figg,William Name: William Figg
Email: william.figg@dsu.edu
Phone: 605-256-5163
Office Location: East Hall
Position: Professor
Department: College of Business and Information Systems
Fodness,Kacie Name: Kacie Fodness
Email: kacie.fodness@dsu.edu
Phone: 605-256-5136
Office Location: Heston Hall
Position: Executive Administrative Assistant
Department: President's Office
Forbes-Boyte,Kari Name: Kari Forbes-Boyte
Email: kari.forbes-boyte@dsu.edu
Phone: 605-256-5272
Office Location: Beadle Hall
Position: Professor
Department: College of Arts and Sciences
Foreman,Cody Name: Cody Foreman
Email: cody.foreman@dsu.edu
Phone: 605-256-5229
Office Location: Fieldhouse
Position: Assist CC Coach/Track Coach
Department: Athletics
Francis,Mary Name: Mary Francis
Email: mary.francis@dsu.edu
Phone: 605-256-5845
Office Location: Karl E. Mundt Library
Position: Assistant Professor/Reference Librarian
Department: Karl E. Mundt Library
Franken,Derek Name: Derek Franken
Email: derek.franken@dsu.edu
Phone: 605-256-5173
Office Location: East Hall
Position: Instructor
Department: College of Business and Information Systems
Franzen,John Name: John Franzen
Email: jon.franzen@dsu.edu
Phone: 605-367-5641
Office Location: University Center
Position: Adjunct Instructor
Department: University Center
Fricke,Rachel Name: Rachel Fricke
Email: rachel.fricke@dsu.edu
Phone: 605-256-5846
Office Location: Fieldhouse
Position: Assistant Softball Coach
Department: Athletics
Friedrich,Dan Name: Dan Friedrich
Email: dan.friedrich@dsu.edu
Phone: 605-256-5555
Office Location: Heartland Technology Building
Position: Director of CAHIT
Department: CAHIT
Fry,Jacy Name: Jacy Fry
Email: jacy.fry@dsu.edu
Phone: 605-256-5744
Office Location: Tunheim Classroom Building
Position: International Programs Director
Department: International Programs

Last Updated: 4/4/12