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Van Aartsen,Brent Name: Brent Van Aartsen
Email: brent.vanaartsen@dsu.edu
Phone: 605-256-5692
Office Location: Lowry Hall
Position: Director of Web Services
Department: Information Technology Services
Veenhof,Amy Name: Amy Veenhof
Email: amy.veenhof@dsu.edu
Phone: 605-256-5689
Office Location: Fieldhouse
Position: Head Volleyball Coach/Instructor
Department: Athletics, College of Education
Vickmark,David Name: David Vickmark
Email: david.vickmark@dsu.edu
Phone: 605-256-5264
Office Location: Lowry Hall
Position: Technology Integration Specialist
Department: Information Technology Services
Vorhes,Anna Name: Anna Vorhes
Email: anna_vorhes@sio.midco.net
Phone: 605-367-5641
Office Location: University Center
Position: Adjunct Instructor
Department: College of Arts and Sciences, University Center
Voss,Kristi Name: Kristi Voss
Email: kristi.voss@dsu.edu
Phone: 605-256-5157
Office Location: Heston Hall
Position: Assistant Controller
Department: Business Office
Vostad,Shannon Name: Shannon Vostad
Email: shannon.vostad@dsu.edu
Phone: 605-256-5205
Office Location: Karl E. Mundt Library
Position: Library Associate
Department: Karl E. Mundt Library

Last Updated: 4/4/12