Bachelor of Science in Health Information Administration

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Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 1 Semester (16cr)
Semesters Per Degree 8 (128cr)*
Bachelor of Science in Health Information Administration
Degree Requirements   128 cr
  Semester Offered Credits
Health Information Administration Core   77
ACCT 210 Principles of Accounting I Summer, Fall 3

BADM 220 Business Statistics
MATH 281 Intro to Statistics

Summer Even 3
BADM 344 Managerial Communications
ENGL 379 Technical Communication



BADM 360 Organization & Management Summer, Fall 3
BADM 460 Human Resources Management Summer 3
BIOL 323 Human Anatomy and Physiology Summer, Fall, Spring 4
CIS 325 Management Information Systems Summer, Fall, Spring 3
CSC 208 Adv. Applications: Database Summer, Fall, Spring 1
HIM 130 Basic Medical Terminology Fall, Spring 2
HIM 150 Introduction to the Health Information Management Fall 3
HIM 160 ICD-9-CM Healthcare Coding Systems Fall 3
HIM 170 Legal Aspects of Health Information Managment Spring 3
HIM 250 Alternative Site Health Information Managment Spring 2
HIM 252 Basic Foundations of Health Data Systems Fall 3
HIM 260 Fundamentals of Human Diseases Spring 5
HIM 262 CPT/HCPCS Healthcare Coding Systems Spring 3
HIM 264 Healthcare Reimbursement Methodologies Spring 1
HIM 265 Management of Quality and Related Functions for Health Information Management Spring 4
HIM 285 Supervised Professional Practice Arranged 2
HIM 286 Supervised Professional Practice Arranged 1
HIM 287 Supervised Professional Practice Arranged 3
HIM 360 Management of Health Information Centers I Fall 3
HIM 361 Management of Health Information Centers II Spring 3
HIM 443 Current Trends in Health Care Delivery Fall 3
HIM 444 Advanced Health Data Systems Fall 3
HIM 450 Research in Health Information Administration Spring 3
HIM 485 Health Information Administration Supervised Professional Practice Arranged 4
Electives   10
NOTE: One of these electives are met when completing BIOL 151 as part of the system-wide general education.    
General Education Requirement   30
Institutional Requirement   11
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* The serving size is based on a four year degree plan, so your course load may vary depending on your specific educational goals. The values here are current as of the 2009-10 DSU course catalog.

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