Associate of Science in Health Information Technology

University Center Course Schedule

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 1 Semester (16cr)
Semesters Per Degree 4 (67cr)*
Associate of Health Information Technology
Degree Requirements   67 cr
  Semester Offered Credits
Health Information Technology Courses   52
BIOL 323 Human Anatomy and Physiology Spring Online 4
CIS 325 Management Information Systems Spring Online 3
HIM 130 Basic Medical Terminology Fall/Spring Online 2
HIM 150 Introduction to Health Info Management Fall Online 3
HIM 160 ICED-9-CM Health Care Coding System Fall Online 3
HIM 170 Legal Aspect of Health Info Management Spring Online 3
HIM 250 Alternative Site Health Info Management Spring Online 2
HIM 252 Basic Foundations of Health Data Systems Fall Online 3
HIM 260 Fundamentals of Human Diseases Spring Online 5
HIM 262 CPT/ HCSPCS Healthcare Coding System Spring Online 3
HIM 264 Healthcare Reimbursement Methodologies Spring Online 1
HIM 265 Management of Quality/Functions of HIM Spring Online 4
HIM 285 Supervised Professional Practice Arranged 2
HIM 286 Supervised Professional Practice Arranged 1
HIM 287 Supervised Professional Practice Arranged 3
General Education Requirements   19
Institutional Requirements   6
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* The serving size is based on a two year degree plan, so your course load may vary depending on your specific educational goals. The values here are current as of the 2009-10 DSU course catalog.

Last Updated: 7/31/12