D.Sc. IS Knowledge Requirements

Dakota State University seeks highly motivated individuals with education and professional credentials that will enable them to be successful doctoral students. Students who do not meet the academic requirements for admission may be required to take up to 15 additional hours of foundational coursework.

Entry-level knowledge requirements

Students who enter the program with graduate coursework in disciplines related to information systems may have to complete some master-level information systems requirements. Students who enter the program without a master's degree in information systems and without an undergraduate background in information systems may be required to complete a series of foundation courses prior to being admitted to the program.

  • INFS 601 Information Systems (3 credit hrs.)

  • INFS 605 Foundations of Programming (3 credit hrs.)

  • INFS 608 Applied Statistics (3 credit hrs.)

  • INFS 612 Management & Evaluation of Information Systems (3 credit hrs.)

  • INFS 614 An Introduction to Research (3 credit hrs.)

Last Updated: 4/29/14