Printing or Binding Dissertation

The following steps below will help you print and bind your Doctor of Science in Information Systems final dissertation. A minimum of two copies are required to be bound at a cost to you of $10.00 each. One copy will be added to the library's collection and one will be added to the University Archives. You may request additional copies at the same cost of $10.00 each. Add $10.00 for shipping and handling costs for each copy that is to be mailed to you. Binding does not include printing. Binding of the books is not done in house. The books are sent to a bindery at the end of each semester to keep costs down.

Step 1:

Have your dissertation report completed with all corrections and/or changes made to it. This includes all corrections and/or changes your committee has suggested including following the format, style, and preparation guidelines. See the D.Sc. advising guidelines for details.

Step 2:

Once you have completed all of the necessary changes to your report you will need to have the report printed. You can accomplish this by following one of the two steps below.
    •    You can print the report yourself but it must be on
         acid-free paper. You have to have a minimum of two (2)
         copies printed. You then need to drop the report off at
         the Library or mail the report to the following address:
                       Dakota State University
                       Karl E. Mundt Library
                       Attn: Ellen Hoff
                       820 N Washington Ave
                       Madison, SD 57042
   •    You can have the Production Center at DSU print your
        report for you. You will need to email Deb Pauley at and let her know how many copies
        you need, if any of them need to be in color, and send
        her the report.

Step 3:

If you are having DSU print your report you will need to call the Grad Office to pay for these charges with a credit card or pay the Production Center directly with cash or a check.

Step 4:

You will need to fill out the form for binding on the Library's website so they know what to do with any of your additional bound reports when they come back from the binding company.

Step 5:

You need to have a minimum of two (2) copies printed for DSU and anything beyond those two copies would be for yourself. To bind your copies of your report it currently costs $10.00 per book, it is an additional $10.00 per book to have it shipped back to you once it is bound. You can pay for these charges through the Grad Office with a credit card, drop a check or cash off at the Library, or you can mail a check directly to Ellen Hoff at the Library.


    •  If you have questions about having your report printed at 
       DSU, please contact Deb Pauley at
    •  If you have questions about the binding process, sending 
       the Library payment for your binding, or checking to see if
       they received your report, please contact Ellen Hoff at
    •  If you have any other questions related to your dissertation 
       report or anything else, please contact Jennifer Mees at

Last Updated: 8/13/14