How to Register

There are few different options in which students can register for classes. These options and instructions to get you started are listed below.

To get your registration process started you will first want to fill out your Plan of Study and work with your academic advisor to schedule your courses for the upcoming semester. Once you and your advisor have your courses picked out for that semester you can follow one of the two options below to register.

Option 1

Go through your Web AdvisorNew Windowaccount to register for your classes on your own. Please note that if you have not completed the pre-requisite for a course it will not allow you to register. If you have questions or need help with your Web Advisor account please visit the Support Resource Center website.

Note: Even if you were not required to complete any knowledge courses as part of your admission Web Advisor still will not allow you to register for the courses that have those knowledge courses listed as a pre-requisite. If this is the case, please use option 3 on this page.

Option 2

Go through the E-Education Services Office and fill out their on-line registration form. When the E-Education Office receives this form they will forward it on to the Graduate Office and your registration will be processed. You can go to the E-Education Services website to find this on-line registration form.

Option 3

Go directly through the Graduate Office and email them the courses you want to register for that semester. You can email them to and your registration will then be processed granting you have completed all the pre-requisites for the course or courses requested.

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Last Updated: 2/22/12