Program Requirements for Information Technology Certificate

Program Description

The Information Technology certificate provides students with exposure to the technologies and issues they will face as they continue to adopt advanced technology into their business environments. Most organizations regularly use computer networks, web applications, wireless systems, and mobile technologies to compete, and this certificate equips students with the education they need to understand this dynamic world.

Program Requirements and Coursework

The Information Technology certificate is a 9 credit hour graduate certificate. A graduate certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of the program.

  • INFS 601 Information Systems 3 cr. hrs.

AND any two of the following courses below

  • INFS 724 Project and Change Management 3 cr. hrs.
  • INFS 730 Web Application Development 3 cr. hrs.
  • INFS 750 IT Infrastructure, Technology and Network Management 3 cr. hrs.
  • INFS 760 Enterprise Modeling, and Data Management 3 cr. hrs.
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Last Updated: 6/24/14