Key Security

OFFICE OF RECORD: Business Office
ISSUED BY: Director of Physical Plant
APPROVED BY: Doug Knowlton

(Revised 7/27/05)



To achieve effective campus security, DSU has replaced old locks and has implementing key control procedures. This policy does not apply to the residence halls or off-campus premises. All matters relating to keys should be directed to the Physical Plant. Responsibility for this program will reside with the Director of the Physical Plant.

The system allows the following levels of security:

  1. Grandmaster Key- operates all locks in the system with some exceptions.
  2. Master Key- operates all locks in the system assigned to it, most generally a building.
  3. Sub-master Key - operates a section of the system under its parent master, most generally a floor in a building.
  4. Individual Key - operates a lock or any lock having the exact same combination.


Employees requiring security levels 3 or 4 keys must receive an authorization in writing from the attached list of building supervisors authorized to issue building keys. The employee must also sign a key agreement form before a key will be issued. At the time the employee leaves the institution, the employee's department must notify the Physical Plant in writing (email) verifying that all keys issued to said employee have been returned.

Employees requiring level 2 keys must receive an authorization in writing from their respective Vice Presidents' Council supervisor. Level 1 keys are authorized by the President only.

Keys may be checked out for weekend or any other short-term use period with the authorization of an employee's Vice Presidents' Council supervisor or building supervisor. Students requiring key access will need the authorization of a Vice Presidents' Council supervisor or building supervisor. Students will only be issued security levels 3 or 4.

Building supervisors may be issued a limited supply of level 3 or 4 keys to be issued by them for short-term use. Those building supervisors who are issued these keys will be required to keep accurate records on the location of such keys and will be periodically required to verify the inventory of keys issued under their name.

Lost or unreturned keys may require locks to be changed, which will result in a charge assessed to the office losing the key(s). Lost keys should be reported immediately to the Physical Plant using the attached forms available in the Physical Plant. Under no circumstances may an employee or student loan their key to another person, nor may any key be duplicated or replaced other than through the DSU Physical Plant.

Building Supervisors

Building Title
Beadle Hall Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
Dakota Prairie Playhouse Events Coordinator
Director of Physical Plant
East Hall Dean, College of Business & Information Systems
Heston Hall President
Vice President for Academic Affairs
Vice President, Business & Administrative Services
Kennedy Center Dean, College of Education
Lowry Hall Director of Computing Services
Director of University Relations & Marketing
Memorial Gym Athletic Director
Mundt Library Director of Library
Museum Curator
Physical Plant Director of Physical Plant
Science Center Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
Director of Computing Services (server room)
Technology Classroom Building Director of E-Education Services
Trojan Center Vice President, Student Affairs
Director of Activities


(To be completed by requesting department)


CONTACT NAME:___________________________________     DATE: _______________






Key Stamp(s)

(information stamped on key)

# of Keys Requested


Person(s) to receive keys:

(Person/Building/Room #/Phone #)


Key Charges:  (check one):


_____No Charge (Dept. has key - admin. notice only)

_____Charge to:   ____________________

(Account Name/Number)



Desired Date of Completion:


Additional Information:




Department Approval: _____________________________________  Date: _____________

(Bldg. Supervisor/Department Head)


Physical Plant Director Approval:                                                   Date:  _____________


Keys received by:  _______________________________________   Date: _____________

(signature of individual picking up keys)


PP WO#_______________



(to be signed by individual responsible for keys)

I, the undersigned, hereby acknowledge receipt of the key(s) described below, with the understanding that I shall be held solely responsible for its (their) safekeeping for the full period during which it (they) is (are) in my custody and until it (they) has (have) been returned or properly transferred. I agree that should said key(s) be lost or otherwise not available, I will notify the Physical Plant and my supervisor immediately so that the lock(s) may be changed if necessary. I further agree that I will neither make, cause or knowingly permit to be made, or otherwise obtain, procure or provide, any duplicate, copy or facsimile of said key(s). It is understood that any willful violation of this agreement shall be considered full and sufficient cause for disciplinary action.

Signed: __________________________________     Date: ____________

Last Updated: 1/24/12