Campus Posting Policy

OFFICE OF RECORD: President's Office
ISSUED BY: President
POLICY NUMBER:  01-91-00


Campus departments or offices have the latitude to post notices in their immediate areas as long as the information contained within the posted messages complies with university, state and federal policy. However, departments, student organizations or external entities who wish to post notices campus-wide must first seek approval for posting.


  • All signs, announcements, bulletins, flyers and other types of advertising material are reviewed by the Student Services Center staff (located in Trojan Center). If material is in compliance with university, state and federal policies, it will be stamped as approved.
  • No more than one sign concerning the same event or containing the same information may be posted at any one time on any one bulletin board by a person/organization.
  • Signs, announcements, bulletins, flyers, and other types of materials must not be affixed to trees, pillars, doors, walls, or any other non-designated area or surface, unless these alternate locations are approved by the Student Services Center. Exceptions will be made only in the event of a campus emergency as determined by appropriate staff.
  • On-campus departments, clubs and organizations are required to remove their postings one day after the scheduled event.
  • Enforcement of this policy is the responsibility of the person, department, or organization posting the advertising/notice, and the designated Student Services staff. Building managers and/or facilities staff may remove postings that are not approved or that do not meet other standards outlined in this policy.

Bulletin Board Oversight:

  • Departmental bulletin boards are the responsibility of the respective departments.
  • Residence Hall bulletin boards are the responsibility of the Office of Residence Life.

Departments have the right to limit the type of materials that may be posted (i.e. no banners allowed), regardless of whether or not the item has been approved for posting by the Student Services Center.

Last Updated: 1/24/12