School Work Adjustment Policy (SWAP)

OFFICE OF RECORD: Human Resources Office
ISSUED BY: Director of Human Resources
APPROVED BY: J. A. Tunheim                         02-73-00
EFFECTIVE DATE: 1/24/91 (Last Reviewed 3/18/13)



Dakota State University, in compliance with Bureau of Human Resources regulations, will allow permanent employees who have worked at least six months for the state to arrange their work schedules so they can be absent three hours every two weeks to participate in school support activities. The employee must make up the lost work time.

Employees may assist with any school-sponsored academic or extra-curricular activity for grades K through 12 in any public or private school. Work adjustment will not be granted as part of this program for employees to merely attend an activity, but will be granted to employees to actively assist students with an activity. Teaching religion classes is not an activity covered by this policy. Activities may be on-going and regularly scheduled or one-time exercises.

SWAP activities are intended only for volunteer efforts. If an employee is receiving a salary or fee for the activity, the employee is not entitled to use the work adjustment option.


The employee must request, in writing, the work schedule adjustment from the immediate supervisor. The hours that may be adjusted will be limited to three hours every two weeks unless other arrangements have been approved by the President. If the school activity is on-going and regularly scheduled throughout the semester or the request is for more than 3 hours biweekly, the approval of the President must be obtained. Employees must have written approval of the adjusted schedule before departing work. Approval of the adjusted work schedule must be based upon the workload and not the supervisor's evaluation of the value of the school activity. Every attempt should be made to accommodate the employee's request.

The time spent in support of school activities is not to be considered hours worked. The employee must arrange the work schedule so that the same number of hours donated to school activities during regularly scheduled work periods are worked during the same week.

If an employee is directed by the supervisor to support a school activity because of the employee's expertise in an area, those hours are considered hours worked and not hours to be adjusted.

Last Updated: 3/18/13