Use of Fleet Vehicles

OFFICE OF RECORD: Physical Plant
ISSUED BY: Director of Physical Plant
APPROVED BY: 02-77-00
EFFECTIVE DATE: 7/19/89 (Revised 1/18/08)



It is the policy of Dakota State to provide fleet sedans and other multi-passenger vehicles as needed to support the travel of employees and students on Dakota State related matters. The actual configuration of our fleet will be decided with input from the SD Fleet and Travel. The current configuration and rates are available from the Physical Plant.


Only employees, students, and approved volunteers are allowed to use fleet vehicles for Dakota State business. All other use of Dakota State fleet vehicles is prohibited. The office traveling will be billed by the Physical Plant using the account information submitted with the vehicle request. (See the Physical Plant website for current mileage rates and instructions for reserving fleet vehicles.)

If an employee or student must take their own vehicle because a fleet vehicle is not available, they will be reimbursed at the higher private auto rate. If an employee or student chooses to take their own vehicle when a fleet vehicle is available, they will be reimbursed at the lower private auto rate. The Business Office will audit private auto claims when the higher rate is being applied to determine if a fleet vehicle was available. The Physical Plant will provide a POV1 form to the employee or student that will need to be attached to their travel reimbursement.

When an employee is using their personal vehicle while on Dakota State business, their personal auto insurance is the primary insurer. Under these circumstances, the State of South Dakota provides secondary liability insurance coverage through the Public Entity Pool for Liability.

If an employee is traveling and must leave at or before 7:00 a.m., the employee will, with the permission of the Director of the Physical Plant, be permitted to take a fleet vehicle to their residence when the employee leaves work the night before. This does not apply when the employee is traveling on a Monday morning. All other current procedures governing fleet vehicle use are available from the Physical Plant.

Fleet vehicles may be used to transport only those individuals on legitimate Dakota State business. Family members or other individuals are expressly prohibited from driving or riding in Dakota State vehicles.

Employees, students and volunteers using fleet vehicles are required by Executive Order to use safety belts at all times.

Last Updated: 1/24/12