Academic Field Trip Policy

OFFICE OF RECORD: Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs
ISSUED BY: Vice President for Academic Affairs
APPROVED BY: 03-34-00



Dakota State University believes that opportunities to participate in off-campus, real-world experiences are an important learning tool and can supplement and reinforce classroom learning for students. This policy exists to address class absence issues that arise when students participate in field trips associated with scheduled academic classes or academic program requirements.


  1. Class Attendance: Students are expected to attend all meetings of classes for which they are registered. In the event that a student is expected to participate in an approved academic sponsored field trip that would require absence from his/her registered class(es), the student must notify his/her instructor(s) for the class(es) prior to the trip. Students must have the faculty member(s) approval before missing the class(es).
  2. Absence Permission: The faculty member may make alternate arrangements or requirements related to approving the absence. If the faculty member approves the absence, the student is responsible for all material covered in missed classes, assignments given out during missed classes, and work due for classes missed during the field trip. If the faculty member does not approve the student's trip request (e.g., student academic status, scheduled test, presentations, etc.), the student will not participate in the field trip experience.
  3. Monitoring and Tracking: Instructors of classes taking academic field trips will provide students with a written permission form which will be used to notify faculty of the scheduled field trip and will include a place for the faculty members' signature indicating approval/disapproval. Students are required to return the signed permission slip to the instructor requiring the academic field trip before departure on the field trip. This permission slip functions as documentation that students have consulted with their instructors and made arrangements for missed work.
  4. Instructor's Responsibilities: Instructors of classes taking academic field trips are required to notify their academic dean and the Dean of Student Services of the scheduled trip. If state vehicle(s) will be used, the instructor will reserve a vehicle through the appropriate administrative office. Prior to departure, the instructor will compile a list of students and forward it to Student Services and the applicable college administrative office. The Student Activities Trip Registration Form, found in the Student Organization Resource Guide (hard copy and on-line), will be used for the purpose of reporting those students going on the trip.
  5. While on the trip, students are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with university policies and procedures of conduct as detailed in the Trojan Handbook.


__________________________ will be participating in a __________________________ on
(name of student) (event)
________________ and will be absent from classes that day from ________________________.
(date) (time of day)

The faculty member responsible for this activity and making this request is_________________.

Students: Please list in the space below all classes that you will miss due to this activity. You are responsible for any and all class work and assignments that you will miss due to this absence.

Faculty: Please initial in the space below to indicate that the student has informed you of his or her planned absence and to give your approval of this absence from your class. You do have the right to refuse to approve this absence or to make alternate arrangements or requirements related to the absence.

_____________________ _____________________ _____Approve ____Disapprove
(class) (instructor)

_____________________ ____________________ _____Approve ____Disapprove
(class) (instructor)

_____________________ _____________________ _____Approve ____Disapprove
(class) (instructor)

_____________________ ____________________ _____Approve ____Disapprove
(class) (instructor)

Last Updated: 1/24/12