Transcripting Withdrawn Students

OFFICE OF RECORD: Enrollment Services
ISSUED BY: Registrar
APPROVED BY: Jerry Tunheim
EFFECTIVE DATE: 4-29-93 (Revised 7/24/03)



If a student's registration is canceled, there shall be no permanent transcript record for the semester. If a student initiates withdrawal or the university has completed withdrawal procedures for administrative reasons, a grade of 'W' will be entered on the transcript.

A student who is required to withdraw from the term or from a course after the final withdrawal date due to illness or extenuating circumstances may petition the Vice President for Academic Affairs for an exception to the final withdrawal date. If approved, the student's withdrawal is processed and the final withdrawal date of the term is used as the official date of the student's withdrawal. (See BOR policy 5:7.2)

Undergraduate and graduate students who drop a course, or withdraw from the Regental System, shall receive a grade of 'W' if that action occurs anytime between the day after the census day for that course and the day that corresponds with the completion of 70 percent of the class days for that course. (Exception: a student who completely withdraws from the System from the first day of class until the census date of the class(es) will have a pseudo course entered on their transcript. (See BOR policy 2:6.8)

The "W" grade denotes official withdrawal and does not impact grade point average. Credit hours for "W" grades are considered hours attempted for purposes of enrollment verification.


Class - The "Request for Withdrawal" form must be completed for each course in order to withdraw from that specific course while maintaining enrollment in other courses at the University for that term. These forms are available in the Enrollment Services Office or in any college office. Instructor, adviser, student and Registrar must sign this form. The date of official course withdrawal is the date the completed form is submitted to Enrollment Services. Withdrawal from class request forms that are late are not accepted except in extenuating circumstances as approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Anticipated course failure is not considered to be extenuating. Deadlines for withdrawal from individual courses are published in the course schedule.

University - To withdraw from all courses for a given term is to withdraw from the University. If a student is enrolled at more than one Board of Regents institution, the student must withdraw from all courses at all institutions. Students contact the Student Services Center to initiate this process and to notify all appropriate university offices. The effective date of withdrawal is the date the student initiates the withdrawal process officially. A notation of the date of withdrawal will be included on the student's transcript. Failure to officially withdraw results in failing grades for all coursework and forfeiture of any possible refund.

For information concerning refunds see Refund Policy 03-44-00.

Last Updated: 1/24/12