CQI Leadership Committee

OFFICE OF RECORD: President's Office
ISSUED BY: President
EFFECTIVE DATE: 01/24/12                                               Policy #04-05-00
APPROVED BY: Douglas Knowlton

Mission Statement

The Continuous Quality Improvement Leadership Committee will be responsible for the University’s CQI program. It performs an advisory, monitoring, coordinating and regulatory role at Dakota State University in quality improvement activities. The CQI Leadership Committee supports and encourages the campus community to engage in quality improvement activities. The Committee's responsibilities include communicating and coordinating the campuses quality improvement efforts.

Specific duties of the committee include but are not limited to:

  • Orienting faculty / staff / students to DSU’s CQI processes
  • Assisting DSU employees and students as they develop CQI projects
  • Serving as a liaison to his/ her respective college /unit to communicate CQI information
  • Linking ideas for CQI projects with expertise that would support the projects.
  • Managing the status and publication of all CQI projects.
  • Updating CQI forms, handbooks
  • Tracking status of CQI projects
  • Managing the CQI website to ensure its currency and engaging content
  • Coordinating the publication of CQI Projects through the website and other avenues.
  • Developing recognition programs for those who participate and promote CQI activities
  • Coordinating the training of new and continuing employees
  • Coordinating the annual CQI Day at DSU
  • Reviewing PIED projects and forwarding to VP Council for final approval.
  • Supporting the CQI Director to move the campus forward in the development of a comprehensive and permanent CQI culture.


The CQI Leadership Team will consist of the following members:

  • One representative from Academic Affairs
  • One representative from Student Affairs
  • One representative from University Advancement
  • One representative from Business and Administrative Services
  • One faculty representative from each college / library
  • One student representative
  • Director of Institutional Effectiveness & Assessment (Ex-officio)
  • Director of CQI (will serve as chair)

Terms of Service

Members will serve two-year overlapping terms and can be re-appointed.


Last Updated: 2/15/12