Opportunities That Will Change Your Life

Jump Start ProspectiveThinking about going to College? Consider this:

  • Earning potential – College graduates, on average, earn more in a lifetime than those who do not attain a college degree
  • Employer demand – more jobs are requiring college degrees
  • Better job security – unemployment rates are lower for those who have college degrees
  • Advanced skills – earning a degree improves your critical-thinking, problem-solving and social skills
  • Networking – college gives you more opportunities for making important connections

Opportunities for new or transfer students

Are you a prospective new freshman or transfer student?

  • Find information and resources at our admission website. Learn about our academic programs, tuition and fees and scholarship opportunities. You can also talk to current students, take a virtual tour of our campus or apply for admission.

Opportunities for high school students

  • Are you still in high school and want to earn college credit? Learn more about DSU's Fast Track program. Take college courses now and get a head start on your college education!

Last Updated: 2/24/12