MSIA Course Summary

Knowledge Support Courses*DSU Equivalent3 Credits
IT Infrastructure, Technology and Network Management INFS 750 3
Information Assurance Core Classes
(required of all students)
DSU Classes 21 Credits
Principles of Information Assurance INFA 701 3
Managing Security Risks INFA 713 3
Data Privacy INFA 715 3
Computer Forensics INFA 721 3
Web Software Security INFA 734 3
Offensive Network Security INFA 736 3
Network Security/Intrusion Detection  INFS 754 3
Specializations: Select one (required of all students)    
Banking and Financial Security Specialization DSU Classes 9 Credits
Introduction to Banking INFA 741 3
Information Security Management Systems INFA 743 3
Compliance and Audit INFA 745 3
General Specialization DSU Classes 9 Credits
Select three courses 600-level or higher from the INFA, INFS, or CSC prefixes.   3
Electives DSU Classes  
Topics INFA 792 3
Internship INFA 794 3
600 graduate-level courses with prefix INFA, INFS, or CSC  
Summary subject to change
*required only of students who do not meet specific admission knowledge requirements
Last Updated: 7/10/14