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Collaboration Process

Designing Collaboration Processes for Group Decision Support

  • Investigators: Amit Deokar, and Jay F. Nunamaker, Jr.
  • Key Ideas:
    • Motivation: need to support virtual teams, and capture the essence of facilitation.
    • Conceptually model successful facilitation techniques, codified as collaboration patterns called thinkLets, focusing on intended interaction between group members.
    • Enable facilitators to explicate their knowledge about new collaboration patterns.
    • Use the pattern-based conceptual model as a basis for developing collaboration process definitions for supporting group decision processes.


  • Deokar, A. V., and Nunamaker Jr., J. F. “Pattern-based collaboration process design for group decision  support”, (in preparation for IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics).
  • Deokar, A. V., and El-Gayar, O. F. “Business process management systems for supporting individual and group decision making in organizational processes,” in Encyclopedia of Decision Making and Decision Support Technologies, (Eds.) Adam, F., and Humphreys, P., Idea Group Inc. (forthcoming, 2007).
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Last Updated: 7/31/12