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Health Informatics

Clinical decision support and knowledge management systems

  • Investigators: Omar El-Gayar, Surendra Sarnikar, Amit Deokar, and Matthew Wills.
  • Key Ideas
    • Review, study the state-of-the-art DSS and KM applications in clinical settings, and identify research opportunities in this area.
    • Develop tools and techniques to facilitate knowledge management and decision support for practitioners in healthcare.


  • Wills, M., Sarnikar, S., El-Gayar, O. F., and Deokar, A. V., “ A multi-perspective analysis of clinical knowledge management literature: Implications for IS research in clinical knowledge management,” (in preparation for Communications of the AIS journal).
  • Wills, M., El-Gayar, O. F., and Deokar, A. V. “ Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS): Issues and future trends,” in Encyclopedia of Healthcare Information Systems, (Eds.) Wickramasinghe, N., and Geisler, E., Idea Group Inc. (forthcoming, 2008).

Last Updated: 7/31/12