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Knowledge Flows

Knowledge Workflows

  • Investigators: Surendra Sarnikar and J. Leon Zhao.
  • Key Ideas:
    • Workflow-based support for knowledge transfer processes.
    • Automate coordination and handoff between different communication, search, and information management systems.


  • Surendra Sarnikar, and J. Leon Zhao, "A Pattern-based Approach to Automating Knowledge Flows: Concepts and Issues", Forthcoming in Information Systems and eBusiness Management.
  • Surendra Sarnikar, and J. Leon Zhao, "A Bayesian Framework for Just-in-Time Knowledge Delivery", Proceedings of the Fourth Workshop on E-business (WeB 2005), Las Vegas, Nevada, December 10, 2005.
  • Surendra Sarnikar, and J. Leon Zhao, β€œOn State chart-based Modeling of Knowledge Workflows", Proceedings of the Sixth Workshop on E-business (WeB 2007), Montreal, Canada, December 9, 2007.

Knowledge Flows in Online Communities

  • Investigators: Surendra Sarnikar and Cory Heidelberger.
  • Key Ideas:
    • Knowledge flows in online communities – wikis, blogs, discussion forums.
    • Relationship between knowledge complexity and knowledge flows.
    • Design hybrid community-based tools especially for knowledge sharing.

Enabling Knowledge Transfer via Model Sharing

  • Investigators: Surendra Sarnikar and Omar El-Gayar.
  • Key Ideas:
    • Knowledge-based approach to model acquisition.
    • Model indexing and search.

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