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Overview of NSF CCLI Grant

This is the project summary for a NSF CCLI grant that was submitted in May 2009.

Date: Sun 06/21/2009
Author: Ashley Podhradsky

Evaluating Local E-Government: Current Practice in Government Websites
in Madison and Lake County, South Dakota

This research applies relevant aspects of West's (2005) methodology for studying e-government to a case study of local e-government implementations in Lake County, South Dakota.
The case study offers a comparative analysis of city and county e-government websites in terms of content and their stages of development on West's four-stage continuum.
The case study also proposes to seek information from local officials through interviews to determine what factors have shaped the apparent differing levels of
commitment to e-government development and what levels of service and possibly democratic interactivity the local governments may seek to develop in the near future.

Date: Mon 11/10/2008
Author: Cory Allen Heidelberger

Citizens, Not Consumers: Improving E-Government (slides)

IS researchers and practitioners generally view E-Government as an offshoot of E-Business. This model necessarily casts government as service provider and citizens as consumers.
While useful for improving service in some government functions, this paradigm threatens democracy by neglecting the role of citizens as participants.
This research discusses the origins and manifestations of the citizen-as-consumer mindset in E-Government and the harm that mindset can do to participatory government.
This research identifies theory and elements of practice that form the foundation of an E-Government paradigm that attends to the role of citizens as participants in government.

Citizens, Not Consumers: Improving E-Government (text)
Report and bibliography accompanying "Citizens, Not Consumers" slideshow.
Word 97-03 document (.doc format) -- presented 2008.03.26

Date: Wed 07/02/2008
Author: Cory Allen Heidelberger

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