Dark Matter
Chris Kelso Lowering the Threshold in the DAMA Dark Matter Search
David Sanford Xenophobic Dark Matter
Nicole Larsen The Large Underground Xenon (LUX) Experiment: Using Noble Liquids for Dark Matter Detection
Chris Kelso Directed Discussion: Direct Detection
Sean Tulin Particle Physics of self-interacting dark matter
Babhushan Shakya The Status of Neutralino Dark Matter
Sean Tulin Directed Discussion: Self-Interacting Dark Matter
Louie Strigari Cores and cusps in dwarf galaxies and implications for particle dark matter
Farinaldo Queiroz Non-thermal WIMPs as "Dark Radiation" in Light of ATACAMA, SPT, WMAP9, and Planck
Lorenzo Ubaldi Directed Discussion: Astrophysics and Dark Matter Signals
Wan Il Park An alternative to the new minimal SM
Ahmed Ismail Dark Matter Complementarity in the Phenomenological MSSM
Lorenzo Ubaldi Constraints on light dark sector particles from white dwarfs
David Sanford Directed Discussion: Low Mass Dark Matter
Sheldon Campbell Gamma-ray Probes of Dark Matter Substructure
Bibhushan Shakya Directed Discussion: Gamma Ray Line(s)
Rouzbeh Allahverdi Probing Dark Matter Annihilation to Primary Neutrinos with IceCube
Louie Strigari Directed Discussion: Astrophysical Uncertainties
Bhaskar Dutta Search for Dark Matter at the LHC using Vector Boson Fusion
Yang Bai Directed Discussion: Collider Searches for Dark Matter and EFT
Kuver Sinha Supersymmetric Dark Matter: Probes at the Large Hadron Collider
Keith Dienes Dynamical Dark Matter: Theoretical Overview
Brooks Thomas Dynamical Dark Matter: Phenomenological Implications
Yang Bai The Scale of Dark QCD
Kuver Sinha Directed Discussion: SUSY Dark Matter
Nicolao Fornengo Cross-correlation of gamma-ray anisotropies and cosmic shear
Paolo Gondolo Halo-Independent analysis of light dark matter
Savvas Koushiappas Anisotropies in the AMS-02 data due to dark matter
Keith Dienes Directed Discussion: Future of Dark Matter Research
Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics
Ernest MaThe Neutrino Portal to New Physics
Borut BajcNeutrino in GUTs with vector-like matter
Pyungwon KoNeutrino sector of Type II 2HDM with guaged U(1)_H flavor
Boris KayserAre There Sterile Neutrinos?
Paolo Gondolo
Yue ZhangRight Handed Neutrino as Warm Dark Matter in Minimal Left-Right Model
Jim KnellerSupernova turbulence and its effects upon neutrinos
Huaiyu DuanCollective Neutrino Oscillations
Joseph CarlsonNeutrino-Nucleus Inclusive Scattering
Kaladi BabuNeutrino Masses from Loops
Ilia GogoladzeHiggs and Neutrino Mass
Kerry WhisnantConstraints on texture and coactor zero models for neutrino mass
Boris Kayseroutreach talk
Stuart RabySO(10) Yukawa unification after the first run of the LHC
Michal MalinskySU(5) à la witten
Zurab TavartkiladzeGrand unification and Low Scale Implications: D2 Parity for unification and Neutrino Masses
Alexander FriedlandStellar Neutrinos
Gail McLaughlinThe role of neutrino oscillations in nucleosynthesis
Myung-Ki CheounThe in-medium effects on the neutrino reaction in dense matter
Tina LundNeutrino flavor evolution in turbulent supernova matter
Rebecca SurmanNeutrinos and heavy element nucleosynthesis
Taka Kajino
Carla Frohlich
Yamao Deliduman (Pehlivan)Exact methods for self-interacting neutrinos
Cecilia Lunardini
Cemsinan DelidumanNeutron Star Equation of State by the Theory of Gravity
Baha BalantekinProspects in Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics