Information Assurance Advisory Board

Industry Membership
Bob Hyser Wells Fargo Bank
Dave Rowley Federal Reserve
John Berheim Homeland Security
Mike Petrizzo Citibank
Curt Everson South Dakota Bankers Association
Dave Geiver First Premier Bank
Clifford Wilke Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
Scott Thomas The Schwan Food Company
Mark Kleinerman Target Corporation
University Membership
Dr. Cecelia Wittmayer Vice President of Academic Affairs
Judith Payne Vice President of University Advancement
Dr. Tom Halverson Faculty and Dean of College of Business and Information Systems
Dr. Kevin Streff Faculty and Director - Center for Information Assurance
Dr. Wayne Pauli Faculty and Director - Center of Excellence in Information Systems
Dr. Mark Moran Faculty - College of Business and Information Systems

Last Updated: 8/1/12