Request for Disability Services

To receive accommodations for a disability at DSU students must...

Contact the Disability Services Office by:
Call Keith Bundy, ADA Advisor, at (605) 256-5121
Complete the online Disability Request Form
Return the Disability Notification card that came with your registration materials.

Please print off the Statement of Agreement document, sign it, and send or fax it to the above address. Statement of Agreement

All students requesting disability services are required to provide recent (no older than three years) medical or other appropriate diagnostic evaluation of their disability. Documentation must include, as appropriate, physical description, medical or clinical cautions and recommendations for necessary accommodations in an academic setting. Documentation must be provided by a qualified physician, psychologist, psychiatrist or other appropriate health care provider.

Discuss accommodations with ADA Coordinator prior to the start of the academic year and, if accommodations are desired, before placement testing.

It is very important that students request accommodations and submit their documentation as soon as possible.

Each student may be required to submit medical or other diagnostic documentation of her/his disability and limitations and /or to participate in additional evaluation prior to receiving accommodations.

Each student will be responsible for making timely and appropriate disclosures and requests to Disability Services for accommodations.

Each student will also be responsible for actively participating in the securing of his or her accommodations and auxiliary aids.

Students must follow the school's procedures in applying for academic accommodations.

Accommodations are not retroactive; if a student waits until the middle of the semester to request accommodations, any assignments turned in before that student is approved for accommodations are not covered.

The university has no obligation to provide academic adjustments until receipt of sufficient specific information to enable it to evaluate a student's needs and the school's ability to provide the needed academic adjustments.

Requests for accommodations must be made every semester the student registers for classes.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact Keith Bundy at

Last Updated: 6/6/12