Parents Page

The Dakota State University Residence Life staff understands how important it is for parents to be reassured that their child is leaving home for an environment that has their child’s best interest at heart. We realize that sending your child off to college, especially for the first time, sparks a whole host of emotions. A parent’s continued interest in their child’s life is priceless. We have created this page to address some of the questions and concerns with a parent’s point of view in mind.

Parent Philosophy:

Dakota State University believes that the parents and/or guardians play a prime role in the success of their Dakota State University students. Our goal for our parents is to work with you so you understand the experience your student is getting, how to support your students learning, and how to help you empower your student to take responsibility of their social and academic goals that they will encounter during their experience at Dakota State University.

Last Updated: 7/31/12