Coed Softball Rules & Regulations

  • A 12" softball will be used.

  • Teams will play with ten players on the field. A team must field at least eight players by game time or forfeit the game. If a team has less than ten players, an out must be taken each time the missing player comes to bat.  

  • Men and women must alternate in the batting order. No team may have a situation where men bat back-to-back without taking an out. You may have up to 12 hitters, but they still must bat in an alternating order.
  • Men and women must alternate field positions. No team may have a situation where men are side by side on the infield or in the outfield. The pitcher and catcher must also be alternated.

        A regulation game will be 6 innings in length or 50 minutes. Games called because of weather or darkness is subject to the following rules.

  • A game called by the umpire will be regulation if four or more complete innings have been played or if the home team is at bat and has scored more runs than the visiting team has scored in four or more innings.

  • A regulation tied game shall be declared if the score is equal when the game is called at the end of four or more complete innings or if the home team is at bat and has equaled the score of the visiting team in the incomplete inning.

  • When a game has exceeded the 50 minute time limit, it will be called by the umpire when the inning is completed or at the half inning if the team batting in the bottom half of the inning is ahead.

  • If both captains agree, the completion of any inning may terminate play and the game becomes official and final. This agreement is usually made when there is a great difference in the score.

  • If one team is ahead by 15 runs or more at the completion of four innings, or any time thereafter, the game will be called.

  • The choice of first bat(visitor) or taking the field(home) will be determined by a coin toss between team managers and the umpire.

  • The Intramural Sports Department will furnish two game balls per field.    Each team manager is responsible for keeping their own score and their opponent's score. Umpire has final & official score.

  • Rubber spiked shoes will be permitted for use in Intramural play. Shoes with metal cleats will be illegal.

  • No stealing - everything is closed. The base runner may not leave a base until the ball has been contacted by the batter. The base runner may not advance to another base or attempt to advance home on past pitches. Batter may not at any time advance to first base on the third strike when the catcher misses the ball. No leading off.

  • All batters start with a one ball and one strike count. There will be walks (intentional or otherwise). However, if a male batter is walked, the female who is batting next has the option of taking a walk or an at bat. A batter can be called out on strikes.

  • The ball must be delivered at a moderate speed underhand, below the hip with a noticeable arch (from the time it leaves the pitchers hand) at least six feet, before the ball reaches home plate. The pitched ball shall not reach a height of more than 12 feet at its highest point above the ground. Speed of the pitch and height are left entirely to the judgment of the umpire. The pitch must be between 6 to 12ft in height.

  • Home Run Rule; after two home runs are hit by a team, the remaining home runs will result in a single with the runners advancing accordingly.  

  • Sliding is allowed and encouraged if the runner needs to protect themselves and/or opposing players. Intentionally not sliding to intimidate or otherwise "break-up" a play on another base runner is prohibited. Conversely, an infielder may not block the base. Base runners may not "run over" a catcher or fielder. The runner will be ejected from the game immediately. Also, fake tags are illegal.

  • Courtesy runner: A player may only be used as a courtesy runner once per inning. A courtesy runner may not be replaced by another courtesy runner except for injury causing removal of the original courtesy runner permanently from the game. A courtesy runner on base will be declared out of it his/her turn at bat will be declared out.

  • Free substitutions is allowed but the person leaving the game may not re-enter the game. Substitutions must be reported to the umpire. An exception to this rule would be in the case of injury and no other  replacements were available.

  • The batter is out if he intentionally bunts or chops the ball downward, or throws the bat. A batter will be declared out if he/she steps out of the batter's box.

  • The base runners advance is limited when a fair ball or thrown ball bounds or rolls over, under, or through fence or other field markings along the boundaries of the playing field. The ball is dead and the base runners are awarded 1 base; the base runner on first could move to second, a base runner on second base could move to third, a base runner on third could move to home. 

Last Updated: 9/23/13