It will not be possible for the Intramural staff to check the eligibility of all participants. Each participant is responsible for the verification of his/her eligibility. Questionable cases should be referred to the Director of Intramurals for a ruling before competing. Whenever a specific case is reported to the Intramural Department, by protest or otherwise, an investigation is made to determine whether the person in question is eligible.

  1. All DSU students, faculty, and staff members are eligible for competition in the Intramural Program, except as provided in these rules. Spouses of DSU students, faculty, and staff are eligible for competition in the Coed Intramural activities.
  2. A player may represent only one team in a sport in a given season. After entering one contest with a given team, a player may not transfer to another team in that sport. Any individual may participate with an independent group in any sport, provided he/she adheres to the rule that permits a person to represent only one team in a sport or given season.
  3. In order to compete for a residence hall, an individual must live on the dorm floor he/she competes for.
  4. The following Intramural sports shall be considered equivalent sports for Intercollegiate competitors:
    1. Flag Football - Football
    2. League Basketball - Basketball
    3. Coed Basketball - Basketball
    4. 3-on-3 Basketball - Basketball
    5. League Softball - Baseball and Softball
    6. Coed Softball - Baseball and Softball
    7. League Volleyball - Volleyball
  5. Members of club sports may participate in an activity if their sport is not in season. Additionally, only two club members may participate per team. Club sport participation is determined by reviewing the previous years initial roster.
  6. Members currently participating or have red shirted on the varsity or junior varsity squads are not permitted to take part in the sport in which they are squad members.
    1. Any person who quits a varsity or junior varsity squad after the first scheduled game shall not be eligible for Intramural competition in that sport until the following year.
    2. A varsity or junior varsity squad member who becomes scholastically ineligible shall not, during the period of ineligibility, participate on an Intramural team in the sport in which he/she has been a squad member.
  7. Rules for the various sports will be made available on the Intramural Sports web page prior to the start of each activity, or league, or tournament. Teams are responsible for knowing the rules and adhering to them.
Last Updated: 6/6/12