Rule Infractions

Use of Ineligible Player

The protest of player eligibility must be made by 5:00 pm of the day following the game in question. If the protest is upheld, all games in which the ineligible player participated will be forfeited and will result in the loss of all points earned in that sport. The team captain and/or the entire team may be disqualified from any further play in that sport.


Any individual who is found guilty of cheating may be disqualified from all Intramural activities for the balance of his/her University career or any part thereof. If the team which he/she represents is a party to his/her cheating, that team, and all members, may be barred from Intramurals for the balance of the year or any part thereof. Some of the infractions which come under this heading are:

  • playing under an assumed name
  • playing on more than one team
  • misrepresenting a score

Fighting and Ejection

Any individual involved in fighting may be barred from any further Intramural activities for the remainder of their University career. Abusive behavior or physical contact with an Intramural official or staff member may bring a one-year suspension from Intramural play. Cases of fighting will be referred to the Vice President of Student Affairs for possible action by Dakota State University. Anyone ejected from any Intramural event for unsportsmanlike conduct will receive an automatic two-game suspension.


Team sportsmanship ratings are completed by every official. Teams receiving low ratings will be rated by the Student Directors or the Intramural Director. A consecutive low rating will result in the team being suspended from the sport for the remainder of the season. Any non-consecutive low rating will result in the team being automatically suspended for at least two games, and up to the remainder of the season depending on the discretion of the Intramural Director.

Teams receiving low ratings throughout the season may be disqualified from playoff eligibility, regardless of their win/loss record.


In activities where officials are supplied by the Intramural Department, teams that do not have 80% of their team available at the scheduled starting time will lose by default. The official shall declare the contest forfeited to the team that is on hand and ready to play. "Ready to play" means that a team must be on the playing area with at least 80% of the team required to constitute a team. If both teams cannot meet the 80% requirements, the game will be a double forfeit.

In activities where officials are not supplied by the Intramural Department, the team present may declare a forfeit by recording their lineup and stating "forfeit" on the official scorecard.

Teams that postpone games or agree to a forfeiture without securing consent from the Intramural Department are both liable to the penalty of forfeit.

Any team which uses an ineligible player or one who participates under an assumed name shall be given an automatic loss for all contests in which the ineligible player participated.

Any team that forfeits two of its scheduled games in league play will automatically be disqualified from post-season tournament play. If a team forfeits three games, they will be dropped from the remainder of the league or tournament. Teams may avoid forfeit status by contacting the Student Director in charge of the league/event by 10:00 pm the day before the scheduled event. A postponement may be used twice during a single league or tournament.


The Intramural Department is willing to cooperate in extraordinary circumstances by allowing a maximum of two postponements. However, due to the many entries, the comparatively short playing season, and the limited playing facilities, these must be kept at a minimum. A scheduled contest may be postponed only be agreement of both team managers and the Student Assistant in charge of the event. This must be done by 10:00 pm the day before the scheduled event.

In league play, postponed contests may be played at a time agreed upon by the two team captains and the Student Assistant. The responsibility for rescheduling postponed games shall rest upon the teams involved and they must be replayed before the start of post-season play.

In individual or dual match play, postponed games may be played at a time agreed upon by the two participants and the Intramural Director of the event.

In tournament play, no postponements will be allowed.


If a team feels that an official has misinterpreted a rule, it must lodge a protest at the time of the incident. The official will then obtain a ruling on the protest from the Student Assistant who is supervising the activity. Should the team still feel the ruing is incorrect, it must lodge a written protest to the Intramural Director by 5:00 pm of the day following the incident. The protest will be considered and ruled upon. The final appeal is to the Intramural Council. No protest concerning judgment calls will be accepted.


T-shirts will be awarded to each member of championship teams in each activity. T-shirts will be awarded to individual champions also.

Last Updated: 6/6/12