The Ten Commandments Of Time Management

Do you know why a busy person gets more things done? He has simply learned to manage his time. That's the only reason he gets more done. Remember, time is that great equalizer. Nobody has more time than you do. How successful you become will be directly proportionate to how well you manage and utilize time.

1. Respect time. Don't waste it. Wasted time decreases the time available.

2. Analyze and Budget Your Time. Look at how you now spend your time. Note the time that you need to complete an activity and then budget your time accordingly.

3. Be an Early Bird. Get to the event or location ahead of the gang. Then do the things you don't like to do first.

4. "To Do" List. List and prioritize everything you have to do. Finish the first item before you go on to the next.

5. Make Appointments. Schedule meetings, luncheons, etc. Make times specific, not "I'll drop by tomorrow."

6. Use the Telephone Properly. Prepare for each call. List all of the points you want to cover. Keep the calls brief and to the point.

7. Academic Calendar. Update it daily. Review weekly. Include all appointments, deadlines and commitments.

8. Personal Filing Box. If you don't have a file box, use a cardboard box. File daily.

9. Follow-Up or Bring-Out File. A system which handles all assignments, promises and commitments that must be fulfilled at a future date.

10. Idea Trap. When ideas pop into your mind, write them down. A 3x5 card is good for this purpose. Review them at least once a month.

Last Updated: 6/7/12