Excellence through Innovation 2020

DSU Campus

Excellence through Innovation 2020

A Strategic Vision for Dakota State University


DSU provides learning that integrates technology and innovation to develop graduates ready to contribute to local, national, and global prosperity. 


Building upon its distinctive mission, DSU will become:

  • The university of choice for those seeking a student-centered institution that offers innovative programs grounded in teaching, research, technology, scholarship, and service excellence.
  • An academic community that serves as an economic engine in local, national, and global markets.
  • A campus recognized for its achievements in continuous quality improvement.


DSU's shared fundamental values include:

  • Student success
  • University-wide excellence
  • Distinction in teaching, scholarship, and service
  • Academic freedom and integrity
  • Diversity, respect, and inclusion
  • Continuous improvement
  • Community, collaboration, and communication
  • Technology-infusion and innovation inside and outside the classroom


Excellence through Innovation 2020 highlights our strengths, considers our challenges, honors our prior investments and achievement, and reflects widespread stakeholder involvement into the planning process. The plan recognizes the critical role played in having a diverse and inclusive community, both within the university and in its relationship to the state, the region, the nation, and the world. 

Goal 1: Educate to Inspire

Dedicated to academic quality and excellence, DSU promotes active engagement in scholarship, teaching, and learning to prepare students to excel in their disciplines and be leaders in their communities. 

Goal 2: Grow to Thrive

Dedicated to student access and success by improving access and opportunity, DSU will enroll, retain, and graduate a larger, more diverse student body. 

Goal 3: Innovate to Transform

Dedicated to continuous improvement by continuously enhancing our academic programs, university facilities, student services, and campus technologies to become a more effective and efficient university.

Goal 4: Collaborate to Lead

Dedicated to internal and external partnerships by fostering collaborative relationships with internal and external stakeholders, DSU will expand educational opportunities for students. 

Tracking of measurements in the Strategic Plan can be found in Achieveit.

Master Academic Plan

Student Success Plan

In March 2016, the Student Success Committee created the Student Success Plan. This Plan includes the following four Pillars of Student Success:

  • Academic Achievement - Students achieve satisfactory or superior levels of academic performance as they progress through and complete their college experience.
  • Technology-Infused Curriculum and Services - Students employ innovative technology that supports and/or enhances the learning experience.
  • Engagement and Collaboration - Students engage with faculty, staff, and their peers throughout their time at DSU.
  • Personal Development - Students develop life-long learning skills that promote a healthy sense of being and accomplishment. 

Human Resources Strategic Plan